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"Want GREAT kids?  It takes GOOD parenting!"
Written by:  Penny C. Martensen

"Things just aren't what they used to be...When I was a kid....."

....Your kids don't care about when you were a kid...

Who IS this new generation?  Self-centered, selfish, lack of commitment in relationships, and
impatient with themselves and others.  IF IT FEELS GOOD, IT'S ALL
RIGHT....Hmmmmm...Some of this material you will gladly agree with, and some will make you
uncomfortable.  But all of it will make you think and hopefully, ask lots of questions.

"Want GREAT kids?  It takes GOOD parenting!", provides you with suggestions on how
to teach your children the key ingredients toward developing self esteem and choosing to
possess the integrity to make good choices.  It will provide you with the basic ideas to help
your kids grow into well rounded, social, responsible and compassionate adults.



***  BOOK REVIEWS  ***

"I think it is absolutely delightful!  It is very practical and well written.  I liked the topics covered
and your suggestions on how to deal with them.  Your common sense, proactive approach will meet
with success.  As both a mother and a teacher, I am sure it will be very useful!....."                     


"We LOVE this book...It's strong...It's confident...and I think you'll get good parenting tips...we
appreciate the advice.  ...And kids...WATCH OUT!  Once your parents read this book, the parties over!"
                Dana Tyson and Marc Sherman -
                                     SUNNY 99.1 - Houston The Morning Show                              

In her work, Ms. Martensen addresses such issues as:  Responsibility, Goal Setting, Drug and
Alcohol, and even Television.  She clearly explains the importance of each issue in your child's world,
sometimes giving us a little story and adds some ways to help you show your child how to work
through or toward achieving a productive solution.

She is not preachy, but gives solid reasons for the positive, allowing the child to understand choosing
not to participate in activities or emotions that would be self-destructive is a wise decision they must

I believe that is what I liked the most about this book.  As much as we may want to, we cannot follow
our children around and make all their decisions for them.  Ms. Martensen shows that we must be the
example, instill the positive and in so doing, believe our children will understand to chose the correct
way.  Very well done.

 Shirley Priscella Johnson - AUTHOR  
                                      " Whispers of Life and Children's Storybooks"   

..."I liked how positive you are in your approach to raising children.  I wish more parents approached
the responsibility of child-rearing with the same beliefs and values that you do....It's also important for
parents to build strong alliances with the schools their children attend...your ideas have a universal

Michael R. Jones
Director of School and Program Improvement -Fairfield Public Schools


Book Excerpts -

..."I grew up in a neighborhood with small houses and small back yards,where people didn't have air
conditioning and they slept with their windows and doors open.  Neighbors were friendly and people
lived in the same home for years.  The milkman delivered the milk to your back door every morning
and the bread truck made neighborhood rounds.

Moms were housewives and caretakers, and Dads "brought home the bacon".  Kids could roam the
streets safely by foot or bike, go exploring in the woods, and hang out at the local playground.  Our
parents never had to worry about kidnapping or gangs or drugs.

We played marbles, jacks, jump rope, and hop scotch.  We rode bicycles, roller skated with our clip
on roller skates, played Frisbee and had yoyo contests.  We played store in the woods and built tree
houses.  We organized carnivals and plays and even tried out for the local talent contests.  These
were the days when schools allowed us to bring home made cookies and you went Trick-or-Treating
on Halloween night with your friends, and our folks stayed home to pass out the candy.  They didn't
have to check our candy for razor blades, drugs, or poisons.

I look back.  We had the opportunity to experience a true childhood.  We didn't have to deal with
terrorists, snipers , rapists and drugs.  We felt safe and secure.....

Today our children live with computers, unrestricted TV and radio, where curse words and sexual
innuendos are commonplace.  They have video games for company and mobile phones they spend
way too much time on.  They have to deal with the confusion of terrorism, sex, drugs, alcohol and
incredible peer pressure, multiple divorces, extended families that come and go.....they see parents
who work more than forty hours a week...In turn more parents are buying their kids affection out of
guilt....the only constants we can offer are our morals, values, time, understanding, and

Whether we're talking about married parents or single parenting, it can be done with the right attitude
and dedication...Raising YOUR children to be productive, responsible, kind, compassionate
adults...WOW, WHAT A CONCEPT!"

..."Parenting your child should always be a WIN-WIN proposition with you leading the way, in a
manner that your child can respect and admire...."


"RELIGION...It is my belief that all children should have religion that is taught by, AND practiced with,
their parents....."

" a destructive, fearful attitude that is learned from our parents and our peers.  It
causes us to live in fear of what we do not understand...."

"BULLYING...Whoever made the bumper sticker "My kid beat up your honor student" has to have
been a bully OR a victim of bullying whose parents never dealt with it....."

"TELEVISION...has WAY TOO MUCH influence on our kids personalities, especially if they are left

"MUSIC AND CULTURAL ART...What better way to round off a diversified personality than to give
your child the ability to experience music?...."

"THE INTERNET...If you fell asleep sixty years ago and woke up today...WOW!..."

"PROPER DIET...With today's advertising, and a fast food restaurant on every corner, GOOD eating
habits need to be programmed by you!..."

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